Bill Styles

Age: 32
Race: Human (empathic)
Sex: Male

Biff is a graduate of Starfleet, with a knack for engineering, due to his very low-level
psionic ability. His rating is somewhere below 1, on the 1 to 10 scale. He does have
some useful abilities with it, though. He is a level 2 empath, which lets him recieve
strong emotions, and get a "sixth sense" about lies, but nothing dangerous.
His kinetic/entropic psionic abilities make him a sort of portable tri-corder, though.
He is able to observe very small, localised matter reactions, enabling him to "see"
microfissures, tell items temperatures, etc. Naturally, he chose Engineering. At the
very limit of his abilities, he can pick electronic locks, too, providing they arent too

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