Brent Spiner was generally a regular human kid, except that he grew up 
on starbases.  Planets are nearly a foreign concept to him. (he could 
almost get land sick)

Before he was old enough to fend for himself, he traveled with his 
father who was a heavy deep space construction worker.  Spiner lived 
on many half built starbases and always got to play around in the 
empty masses of corridors like it were his very own metal sandbox.

By the time Spiner was 13, his dad was letting Spiner do some of 
his work for him.  Spiner spent a lot of time learning how to fly 
on the job so he wouldn't get bored of the lonely, yet playful station 
corridors he always grew up with.

As soon as he was old enough, he transfered to starfleet academy. 
His academics were alright, but.. not his specialty.  He had a great 
sense of logic and worked well with computer systems, but beyond that,
and basic mechanical things he wasn't your average dream child.  
After his second year in the academy shadow ops 
paid Spiner a few visits.  They worked out a few things with the 
faculty, and halfway through his last 3rd year semester he was pulled 
out for accelerated training to be done specifically within shadow ops.

Shadow ops went straight to his piloting skills, training him with 
more resources than any cadet had ever thought to wish for.  

After a small argument between Spiner and another younger member 
of shadow ops, they noticed Spiner had even more gifts stored away. 
All those days playing in the metal sandbox, had given Spiner quite 
the lungs as well as other reflexes.  (he played james bond type 
stuff with imaginery people on empty space stations.... this kids f@$*(ed)  

They altered Spiner's training and rounded off his abilities more. 
He took quite well to the martial arts and other tactical training. 
(The Shadow Ops poster child basically)

Spiner was given his own fighter and taught the necessary engineering 
skills to take care of it completely on his own, should he ever be shot 
down and need repairs.

He was sent off to the frontiers before he had even finished his 
shadow ops training.  He was used generally as a spy and a hunter/killer.  

To sum up the next few years he moved up in the shadow ranks and 
was often promoted (in mid mission) to acting squad leader of covert 
away missions.  (due to very stupid leaders who had just gotten themselves 

Spiner had a natural edge for staying alive and everyone who could 
keep up never seemed to get a scratch while they were with him.

After many hunting, kidnapping... sabotage, and other such deep 
space missions, and a few too many experiences with strange (sometimes 
living) nebula's and a few too many slightly insane and rather 
unpredictable encounters with now destroyed romulan scout ships and 
fighters, Spiner felt the fear that it was time to get a little more metal 
between him and vaccume.  He postponed this thought with the adrenaline 
rush of the dominion war in the way.  But, it didn't take long, 
(especially with the relentless and loyal dominion troops) before 
Spiner's fears became worse and he requested a transfer to the 
discovery for chief conn officer.  (wanting to be a pilot still) By 
the time he had applied, this position had already been filled 
(by the late lt. hammill) and Spiner was "given" the option of being 
the executive officer.  An offer that should not be refused.

(Note:  Spiner has only lived on planet 2 years of his life)  He 
is one of the best ever in shadow ops for piloting skills, and he 
is feared with his melee and marksmanship skills almost equally to that.

Commander Brent Joshua Spiner
Former XO USS Discovery, task force 58, part of the bravofleet e-mail simm.

Awarded Discoverian Medal Of Valor once and poster of the month twice in his 1 year 
of service aboard the USS Discovery.

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