Hazellion Tywana

Age: 21
Race: Betazoid
Sex: female

Tywana was born on Betazed. She grew up and went to Federation Academy.
Her instincts and reflexes are startling. She became a fighter pilot for the
Betazoid government for 2 years when she turned 18. She was disbanded when
she was told to not attack an enemy craft. But attacked it anyway...
A real outgoer when she sets her mind to something. I'm afraid that at times
she's a bit impulsive, which nulls her for a command position. She can run
extremely fast and is very strong, due to vigorous holodeck training she puts
herself through. She can jump aproximately 6 ft. Straight up. She has a
fight in her that never lets up. No matter what species, I wouldn't stand in
her way...And she likes listening to loud,old human music when she fights.

Flight Experience : Flight time 700 hrs. Destroyed ships ( accounted for ) 98. Fought against 3 Romulan War Birds, 2 Ferengi ships, and one renagade Klingon Bird of Prey. Shot down once... Planetary Flight War as well as Space Flight War....

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