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Game Status
I'm looking into new designs for the site.
Any designs you'd like to see? E-mail me at brentspiner@ureach.com
Operational Status: Active/Accepting Crew
Present Number Of Players: 5
To join please visit the crew page then go to the signup form
Most recent updates: Main page and Mission Summaries

Miscellaneous junkThe crew pageCrew QuartersIntelligence/Shadow OpsChat room/BBSBrig/Security/Marine HQAwards/Former crew/Memorable quotes and events from gameplayThe Merchant's CornerSummon the webmaster  Mwahaha!!!Fighter Garrison/Support CraftMain page (news, newcomers info, simming guidance, stuff...)The DisclaimerThe contact list (E-mail adresses, and other contact methods)Mission Summaries, Trog TechnologyComplaint DepartmentHistory and background information of this universe (not applicable in most galaxies)The Crimson Troglodyte (layout and specifics)

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