Kalis Ven

Age: 26
Race: Bajoran
Sex: Male

Kalis Ven was born on Bajor into a Military Family...Kalis joined the Bajoran Milita as a
Officer and then later joined Starfleet where he was instantly grabbed up as a intell officer and
trained in the Intelligence Field...Kalis then was stationed in the DMZ as a "Shadow" Operative for
Starfleet repsonsible for the infiltration of the Maquis...After this Kalis was sent to the Aerostar
Armada as the Assistant Intell Officer under Lt.Cmdr Zarek Dragon a well known Draconian
officer...after the departure of Zarek Kalis was promoted the position of Chief Intell Officer where
he stayed for a year and then growing disatisfied with the way the Intell was being run slowly began
to compile his own set of records on all of Starfleets as well as Draconian Intell Ops...using his
unusually high security clearence that he had gained through Zarek Kalis was able to compile a Intell
database that rivled starfleets own...Using this and his newly founded distaste for starfleet Kalis!
left the Aerostar before Starfleet could realize what had happened and put himself and his
information on the black market and was quickly grabbed up by the Trog...

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