Troglodyte Mission Summaries:

Pre-mission lead in: The Crimson Troglodyte, in it's pre-mission adventure still in dry dock
at one of the Syndicate's shipyards and portable starbases, otherwise known as Moonrock station,
while the ship was still awaiting arrival of most of its senoir officers, a war games drill began
aboard the Troglodyte. A marine dropship docked to the bottom of the trog and began a simulated assualt
of the troglodyte. Unknown to our supposedly intelligent organization, was the fact that a
rival organization had snuck in on the job to do some spying and sabotage, posing as members
of this, simulated assualt team. This gave them the perfect opportunity to plant sabotage
devices. (nearly blowing up the warp core if it wasn't for the arrival of our chief engineer)
Among the ruffians, was of course, none other than Spiner's age old nemesis Lorne.

Although the ship is now safe from harm, only the surface of this plot, and of the extent
of the enemies infiltration has been uncovered.

While the syndicate's survaillance is so tight at the moment it could detect a gnat farting
up to 300 light years away, it is now the immediate mission of the troglodyte to uncover
how far this plot reaches, and to recapture any stolen information, before the syndicate's
secrets are revealed.

So stay tuned for a little I'n'I. Infiltration, investigation, and most importantly, good
old fashioned, interrogation.

Current Mission:

Homeward Battle:

Simply picking up where we left off in the pre-mission story. There is currently no other
information at this time, and the Crimson Troglodyte is still in drydock, preparing for
immediate departure.

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