There's more to come, but if you're new to e-mail simms you may wish to read some of the following: (especially if you intend to join)

Click here for a description of what a play by e-mail simm (pbem) is, and some general info on how they are played.

This is a fairly in depth guide on character creating, posting, and how the writing style and gameplay works.

Here are some guidelines for anyone having difficulty writing a good post. (this is taken from a letter written to some of the crew members of a previous ship I was on, with no modifications... so if you don't get all the inside jokes, don't worry about it)

Guideline 1: If there is no good way for your character to get involved in the matter at hand, find something else to write about. (Or in some cases, start a subplot...but be careful not to draw too far away from the main storyline. Next Gen did that well, while half the command staff is taking care of an away mission or diplomatic talks, someone else (most often commander data) is captivating the empty spaces of the episode.

Guideline 2: Read all other crew members posts. Do not cause story splits.

Guideline 3: Read guideline two 3 more times. Stand on your head in a corner, and continue repeating guideline 2 in your head, until you render yourself unconscious. (story splits to do with tiny technicalities are miniscual....but still important.... as for why I'm posting who's killed how much on the away team... don't ask. Normally I'd just quickly add up a rough amount of what should be left.. besides... I should be in bed) Do this in an open area so that when you fall you will not injure yourself in such a way that requires medical attention.

Guideline 4: Let us know what kind of a person your character is. On and off duty. Have some fun, write some personal logs, do some recreational posts, some gratuitous bloodbaths, (pg 13 of course) just be social. (That is, if your characters the social type... SoDisNee)

Guideline 5: Violence is not the answer. At first it just seams a much easier way to the solution.

Guideline 6: We are all Kosh.

Guideline 7: DS9 is not B4

Guideline 8: If you know about everything I've mentioned so far, your either SoDisNee, or your crazy.

Guideline 9: Enjoy yourself. When you post, you are in control of the story line. Be cautious what you do with it, but have some fun with it. (Spiner, Kira, and SoDisNee have a bad habit of having too much fun with gratuitously violent posts, that deserve to be a little more serious on some days)

Guideline 10: Why are you still reading this? Go away and post!