This is not part of the webpage is me brainstorming and gathering info to compile for the documents on the trog's background and the syndicate wars. Background and history of, the syndicate wars, and brent spiner Brent Spiner grew up on space stations, flying from the age of 13, went to sf academy. His grades were somewhat low, but his performance in field related classes (fighting, flying) was brilliant. As Brent kept proving his physical prowess, computer knowledge, and incrediable flying abilities, an covert federation organization that had been watching him pulled him out of the academy and accelerated his training after making a deal with the academy about his grades. The organization was the closest link anyone had to section 31. Simply because section 31 wanted to be able to use this organization as one of it's puppets. This organization took part actively in many covert operations before and during the dominion/cardassian war. Such missions before the war, would include spying on any known race, stealing or monitering new technology. Capturing scientists, diplomats, informants... moles Many operations leaned towards the nature of kill and sabotage. This was a special forces division of the federation that was 1 level down in the hierarchy from section 31. After the war started, more of the spying was focused towards the dominion and the gamma quadrant, rather than the usual romulan sentry duty. Though, this organizations pilots gathered much of the known data on the gamma quadrant before the war. Rumor has it that they still MAY have a secret base in the gamma quadrant, explaining why ds9's staff never caught on to the amount of this organizations personel that travelled through the wormhole. Some way through the war, the organization began suffering political pressures due to those who enjoyed being a servant of section 31, and those who were loyal entirely to the federation beginning to take a stand for their side. Eventually, the organization colapsed. roughly 1/3 of the organization turned towards section 31 for leadership, that faction led by an asshole named lorne, who had left spiner for dead on more than one mission, and also was at fault for spiner's injuries. the rest were dedicated to the federation but a bit more than half of those remaining thought that it was time to work for themselves. A few people went out to be freelancers, but the bulk of those people decided to form an independant syndicate in support of the federation and its allies, but with no attachement to any of them. The Crimson Troglodyte belongs to this new organization. Bye for now. More notes later.