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Game Status
I'm planning to totally reconstruct the site
Any designs you'd like to see? E-mail me at brentspiner@ureach.com
Operational Status: Pre-Mission/Accepting Crew
Present Number Of Players: 5
To join please visit the crew page then go to the signup form

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The crew roster

Map Legend

Mana Vortex
Contact List

Mage Guild
Mission Summaries/Trog Technology

Harpy Loft
Miscallaneous Junk (not up yet)

Chapel Of Stilled Voices
The Disclaimer

Town Hall
The Crew Page

Crew Quarters (not up yet)

Pillar Of Eyes
Intelligence/Shadow Ops

Chat Room/BBS

Manticore Lair

Battle Scholar Academy
Awards/Former Crew/Memorable Quotes and events from gameplay

Main page, news, simming guidance etc

Engineering/Trog Layout and Specs

Marketplace and Artifacts Merchant
The Merchants Corner

Portal Of Summoning
Mail the webmaster

History and background info

Dragon Lair
Fighter Garrison and support Craft

Guardian Of Earth
Complaint Department

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