The timeline before the USS Discovery
At this time this page is not intended to be a very organized guide :) And there is a lot more information to be added to it.

Spiner's bio

The elite federation intel section is formed when Spiner's 13

Spiner in the academy - joined when he was 18-20?

Spiner gets pulled for advanced training - 19-20

Spiner spends 1-2 years training almost everyday - has minor bad experiences with Lorne, has a crush on his instructor Cindy

After his mechanics training spiner begins his early covert operations Stories mentioned so far surrounding this include

- a run in with a suidical Romulan scout ship on one of his first missions. (a surprise run in) - numerous missions away missions where his field co's would get killed and he'd either be the last alive, or he'd take command of the mission - spiner gets his own fighter - deep space recconaisance against the breen, dominion, romulans, the occassional checkup on the klingons, and the ferengi (only a few times) - spiner has a short romance with his former instructor cindy - the experiences with suicidal dominion scout ships and the living nebulas which have brains that function as neural networks - the big double cross - lorne leaves spiner stranded on a cardassian/dominion occupied planet only a few miles from the military base (he was captured but later escaped) - this happened twice, once he was captured immediately - the war begins - more experiences with living nebulas, kamakazi dominion fighters, and ace breen pilots - there was a large defense campaign against the breen - the organization enlisted the help of the marquee to find out more information about movement in cardassian territory - some members saw this as anarchy and saw the marquee as enemies of the federation - the organization enlisted the help of the orion pirates and the orion syndicate - some other members saw this as total anarchy and tensions increase throughout the organization and its main base (the one spiner was brought back to by lorne during one of the discovery missions.... the one with the S31 cloning center - these descisions were each made by one of the 3 members of the traid command structure that existed in the organization - Lorne had gotten off free for leaving Spiner behind which gave a clear indication (with these new developments) that someone up top had another agenda in mind and lorne was a big part of it - Spiner lost his ship in a fight with a dozen breen and dominion spy ships (he was chasing some dominion and bring spies back to the delta quadrant, trying to kill or capture them and whatever data they had stolen) (don't ask how they got past DS9 or how all these missions would've taken place having to go through the bajoran wormhole. Obviously captain Sisko would've been aware of these covert operations to a small degree, but they would've been too secretive for him to allow them onto the tv show or even his personal diary) After Spiner had crossed through the wormhole, he killed another 6 before the last dominion collided with his ship, destroying the dominions ship, and leaving spiner's with failed life support, a cracked viewport, mangled engines and no power, so the mission being accomplished he boarded his escape pod and headed for home, saddened by the loss of his private ship. (which was found in a later reconnaisance mission floating around the delta quadrant) - Spiner noticed the politics in the base getting pretty hairy and he knew soon he would be forced to take sides... there were the federation diehards, there was a personal regime that seemed to rally to lorne, but spiner could never discover their purposes or why he would be attracting followers at all. Cindy kept quiet but Spiner could see she had chosen another side, which was still an invisible faction at this time. - Spiner gets fed up and is shaken from his near death experience and begins looking for a new career. After searching the federation databases he finds a relatively new crew aboard a New Orleans class starship run by a Captain Brian Walker. His background seemed trustworthy, and it seemed he could keep a secret or two if Spiner were to join. The ship was still drydocked and awaiting crew, Spiner immediately applied for the ships conn officer, his position of choice. The reply came almost immediately (within 24 hours) denying him the chief conn officer position, and instead offering him a position as the Executive Officer. Spiner was as surprised as he could be, and reluctantly after trying to talk the young captain out of making such an offer (Spiner didn't think he was ready for command) Spiner eventually accepted.

And so at the age of 27 begin the chronicles of the USS Discovery and Brent Spiner's time aboard her as XO, spanning over a year of gameplay.

The organization split took place in stages and I need old discovery information to verify how it happened.

When I can recall them or find the information I will post mission summaries from the discovery here. A few of them involve Lorne, and the Crimson Troglodyte... making them fairly important to the Crimson Troglodyte's timeline.

There is a time period of about 1 year that I have not constructed yet between Spiner leaving the discovery, and where the Crimson Troglodyte's timeline starts.