Science commander Uno Mitchells:

Uno grew up on Planet Earth, Hungary to be precise, and
learned early on how man exploited the fauna and flora
of his planet. At the age of 15 he made the decision to
give a hand in the preservation and future development
of natures diversity and evolution.

He studied for 4 years at the Academy of Science and
Technology in Paris as a top student, and was soon head
hunted to finish off his studies at the Star Fleet
Academy. He wrote his final essay on "Terraforming" and
claims that some of his studies was used for the creation
of the Genesis moon. "I never believed in the Genesis Project
but they should have listened to my warnings about the
unstable core. Genesis would have worked if I had been head
of the project..... but thats the evil we create !!!! "

Uno, now soon reaching his 53th summer is skilled in Biology
and Biochemistry, and is a very intelligent and well-read man.
He is usually not very outgoing, prefers to stick to himself
and his samples, but will react if he hears of injustice done
against his "fellow organisms" (!!?). The last couple of
years he has become a bit of a disillusioned aristocrat and
now believes strongly that the end justifies the means when
it comes to mans relationship with nature. "Something must be
done before we destroy ourselves"

His motto is "if youre not part of the solution youre part of
the problem" and he loves to dictate Darwin and evolution to
other crew members while eating his "paradise"-branded
chocolate. Sometimes they hear him mumbling apocalyptic
theories about conspiracies against god and the evil of man,
but on a good day he's a friendly, cozy guy.

Strangely enough this otherwise honest, uprightious and moral
man has a difficult time around women : "they forget the
essence and tend to focus on the unimportant" as he would state.

Rumours tell of a failed romantic encounter with former
communications commander of the Enterprise Uhura, in their days
at the Academy, but Uno prefers not to talk about this.

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