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What's there to do for fun aboard the Crimson Troglodyte?
There is a large bar, which is also the messhall, and a games area. The entire room spans 1/3 the length of the ship, the entire width of the ship, and occupies the front portion of the upper 2 decks of the ship.

The ship is equipped with internal and external holo-emitters for recreation and simmulations. There is no single dedicated holodeck, however, empty cargo bays are often converted into recreational rooms, banguet halls, and training rooms in a matter of hours.

Standard Crew Quarters:

The standard quarters are not for the clostraphobic passengers. There is room for a few personal belongings, your gear, and a roomate. Always 2 to a room.

Officers Quarters are not much more glamorous than crew quarters except that the officers have a room to themselves.

Guest Quarters are only as spacious as officers quarters but are more luxurious and comfortable. Well decorated to say the least.

The Captain and the Chief merchant aboard the vessel each have the equally fine quarters. Less decorated than the guest quarters, and modest by most merchants standards, but slightly more spacious than officers quarters.

Officers quarters are most likely 1/3-1/2 the size of officers quarters aboard a galaxy class starship.