The Syndicate Wars and surrounding background information.

Near the end of the dominion war a once prosperous federation intelligence section saw a large political split within itself. Origionally an organization of only 300 covert federation officers. Roughly 1/3 of them, thought that they should use every means necessary to uphold the federation, and supported the rumors of section 31 trying to kill the founders with a plague. Section 31 soon sought this organization out and made them their puppet. That group has grown in numbers since then. 1/3 of the officers stayed loyal to the federation, it's methods, and it's cause, and are in the process of re-building one of the most secretive federation groups in existance. The other 1/3 wanted the greater good for the federation and its allies, and those willing to be allies.

This third group, in it's early stages gained funds through being an information slut, spying on anyone for anyone, and then selling that same stolen secret, to anyone else on the market. It was a very effective strategy but also caused the orion syndicate to swear to our deaths as we gave the location of several of their key bases to the federations judicial forces. At that time the organization was not much of a power, more, a contract covert operations group. With the post war scares, and the possible cold wars, there was so much money to be made that the group began recruiting new members and designing their own large ships. Some of them designed to look like cargo ships, and others, designed never to be seen, except for the time it takes them to blow an enemy away. In time, they, and the other organization that split, became much more powerful than any former private intelligence groups before them had been. In numbers, and in firepower, they were beginning to rival the Romulan and Klingon intelligence forces and were soon asked to do campaigns into Breen space.

The need for larger ships arose after full out engagements occured between our organization and the orion groups. (the orion syndicate and the orion pirates) Using the best available technology from Klingon, Romulan, Breen, Federation, and Dominion secrets, our scientists put began looking for better ways to build everything.

One of the first intelligence vessels born was the Crimson Troglodyte, and it remains one of the most advanced vessels in the quadrant.

The Crimson Troglodyte was designed for hauling massive amounts of illegal cargo as well as being readily refitted into an all out walking phasor bank. It's stealth capabilities are slightly beyond that of the federation. The ship was also intended to be somewhat of an ambassadorial vessel for the syndicate. A place for conferences, meatings, deals... and the means to carry out large mission. With a full compliament of fighters, first strike weapons, and marines, it's sole purpose was to spy, and to fight. The Syndicate wars began shortly after the dominion war. Federation intelligence has tried to stay out of things for fear of heightening any conflicts, and re-opening any old war wounds. Klingon and Romulan intelligence entered into a partnership and have since put all their resources together to keep their eyes wide open in breen and dominion space. The Dominion and the Breen have naturally taken the same stance in order to fend off outsiders, and monitor our growth. The ferengi have remained passive and are in closest relations with the federation. The Orion syndicate and pirates have long since signed themselves off to Lorne's side (Leader of the other former federation intel group) since he's helped defend them from the federation, and exposed us for having ratted to the federation about the Orions.

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